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Specialist in end-to-end entrepreneur and corporate advisory services across Asia-Pacific with particular focus on North-Asia, Indo-China, South-East Asia and Australasia

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Growth Funding

Tap local traditional, venture and private equity funding sources

Mergers & Acquisition

Consolidate businesses to optimize growth and market positioning.

Accelerated Market Access

Rapid access to local markets with the right partners and connections

Sales & Marketing Support

Execute strategic and tactical sales and marketing campaigns locally

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate local legal and regulatory compliance with our shared-services

Entrepreneur Migration

Entrepreneur and investor migration advisory services

About Funder Asia

Equipping high-growth companies for Asian markets

Asia, a geographically vast and diversified landscape, overlaid with multiple currencies, political and legal systems, population bases, differing income levels, ethnicities and religions, provides complex challenges for companies looking to sell their products and services into Asia.

Adding to Asia's cultural diversity are the shifting economic, infrastructural and demographic structures which creates unique challenges for new market entrants seeking to expand into Asia, especially those operating in high-growth sectors, who need to navigate and overcome fragmented routes of access to customers in a very focused way.

In the intensely competitive Asian market, the strategies companies adopt to develop and align routes-to-market are essential to ensure that the perfect balance between customer needs, revenue growth, service excellence and the cost-to-serve are flexible enough to adapt to changing strategic goals and competitive threats.

Funder Asia equips high-growth companies seeking to enter Asian markets with key local routes-to-market services.

Best-in-Class Advisory Services

We provide best-in-class corporate advisory services

Leveraging on long-standing relationships and local networks, as well as state-of-the-art technology platforms, Funder Asia combines extensive industry and local knowledge to deliver structured service capabilities that exceed customer's expectations.

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